Best Internet Radio for Electronic Music

DI.FM or Digitally Imported is an internet radio broadcaster that has more than 90 channels dedicated to electronic music.

Image: list of radio channels

Their website says, ” One of the first online radio networks to go live in 1999, DI.FM has grown into a destination and lifestyle for over 3 million unique listeners who tune in every month. DI.FM offers something unique for every electronic music fan, no matter what style of music you love”.

Their service is available for free and premium version both. The premium version contains no ads and high audio quality. You can check the difference in audio quality through the free and premium version on their website. The premium plan is amazing and worth buying. With DI.FM Premium, you get access to other Internet Radio services in their network, with over 200 additional channels of excellent curated music. premium plan as of this post

You can also download the app and listen on the go. It is available both on Android and iOS.

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