Facebook Messenger brings “unsend” feature

Image Credit: Techcrunch.com

The “unsend” feature is finally coming to the Facebook Messenger App (web, iOS, Android) . This feature helps you to delete a message you’ve sent affecting not only your own chat but the recipient’s too. This feature is a long awaited one and is worth the wait although it has some limitations.

You can only delete messages you’ve sent less than 10 minutes prior to deletion. The messages will be permanent after 10 minutes. The message that has response cannot be deleted though. This means if a recipient responds it with information that listens back to the message cannot be deleted. However, Facebook tends to keep the messages in their server for certain time to prevent bullies from sending nasty messages and pretending they haven’t done anything. The messages will be eventually deleted but the social media giant has unannounced the length of time.

Once you’ve update to the latest version of the app, you will be able to see the unsend feature after you long-press on a message that is less than 10 minutes old.

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