The ultimate mask for Nepal

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Pollution in Nepal is growing at harmful levels specially in big cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar and others. The pollution levels are so high that one can get easily sick and have serious damages to their internal organs. The simple mask that we get in the market which are generally cheap doesn’t block the harmful particles. The minute PM 0.3, PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollutants can easily get through the mask and to your respiratory organs through the use of those simple masks. However Metro-Mask,a new venture in Nepal has been providing solutions through their active carbon filter masks to block those pollutants.

Metro-Mask is Nepal’s 1st Hi-Tech Air Pollution Mask with Replaceable Active Carbon Filters. The filters are lab tested and guaranteed to protect you from 99.9% of all dust and particulates in the air.

Their motto is to raise awareness about air pollution and to provide Hi-Tech anti pollution masks as a personal solution to protect people from today’s increasing air pollution in heavily populated cities like Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. They have two models at the moment.

1. Moto Mask: Moto Mask is a high grade Neoprene unisex Sports mask that protects the users from dusty road conditions, harmful air pollution and cold weather while motorcycling, mountain biking, outdoor running and other outdoor sports.

2. City Mask: City Mask is a premium air filtration cotton face mask that is stylish, highly efficient, well-fitting, comfortable and reusable.

Metro-Mask presents hi-tech stylish mask products with international standard for reducing exposure to airborne particles. Created with the leading innovator of high-filtering microfiber material technology and also presenting two styles: Moto Mask and Urban Mask. Metro-Masks are the most comfortable and protected way to walk or cycle to work; hang around in polluted cities; travel by bus, garden without breathing too much pollen, run a marathon near a wildfire; get out your old dusty books; or vacuum or clean at home. Metro-Masks are designed to keep influenza, bacteria, fine dust, pollen, and airborne particles out of our system. The non-woven microfiber filtering material filters 99.9% of all non-oil particles over 1um. The Bacterial Filtering Efficiency (BFE) of the filter is rated 99% for bacterial particles of mean size 2.9 um. The Philosophy of Metro-Mask is to pursue the best quality of health and happiness for mankind, create an eco-friendly culture for nature and society, and take a big step toward a cleaner and healthy future.

To purchase your piece of Metro-Mask you can message them through their Instagram handle metromasknepal and they also have quick deliveries.

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